Dave Linhardt WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

WordPress is one of the most popular ways to make websites and it powers many platforms. If you’re thinking of starting out using WordPress sometime soon, then you should take the time to do a little research. Learning about some of the common pitfalls that people fall into when using WordPress will allow you to avoid them. Keep reading to learn about the WordPress mistakes that you want to avoid.

Installing Too Many Plugins

Installing too many plugins is actually going to be a bad thing for your website. If you install too many plugins, then you’re going to make your website run slowly and this is problematic. There are definitely useful plugins that you can turn to for assistance but you want to be mindful of how many you’re using and whether they’re beneficial enough to add to your site. Use some common sense and be cautious about adding new plugins.

Ignoring Updates

Ignoring updates is not going to be good either because it can put your site at risk. You see, there are going to be periodic updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes. If you aren’t allowing these to update, then they will present significant security risks to your website. Updating things when they’re ready is actually incredibly simple and it’s one mistake that you can easily avoid by just being mindful that it’s time to update.

Not Using Strong Passwords and Usernames

It’s going to be way too easy for someone to crack your password and get into your account if you aren’t being careful. Some WordPress users make the mistake of using simple passwords and creating Admin names that aren’t complex enough. If you want your WordPress site to be safe from harm, then it’s truly best to use strong passwords and usernames. It might seem to be a pain at first but it’s a lot better than the alternative.

Accidentally Keeping the Default Settings

Many people accidentally keep the default settings on WordPress instead of customizing them. You might want to hop in and start writing your new blog but it’s best to take some time to set things up. Create a tagline for your site and try to customize it a bit. Otherwise, your WordPress site is going to look very generic and that might drive people away.