Dave Linhardt


Dave Linhardt

Dave Linhardt is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of InsightStudios. He has a “superpower” for discovering customers’ problems, developing technology that solves those problems, and then building profitable businesses around those solutions.
Dave Linhardt has been the founder and CEO of eight high-growth startups, seven of which have been profitable. He has learned to understand what customers want intuitively and subsequently provide them with a product or service that fits their needs and can scale quickly.

As the founder and CEO of InsightStudios, Dave Linhardt can share his expertise with other entrepreneurs and guide them in successfully launching their businesses. InsightStudios is a startup studio that uses a proven methodology for finding the perfect product-market fit. InsightStudios is currently building 150 startups using their proprietary process called Insight-Driven Iteration. Startup companies that chose to work with InsightStudios dramatically outperform their competitors, as well as the market average for comparable seed funds.

Dave Lindhardt earned his undergraduate degree in engineering from Purdue University, and he holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. He has also volunteered as a guest lecturer and motivational speaker of universities. For example, he taught a course called “Intro to Entrepreneurship” at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also mentors entrepreneurs through the worldwide network of Techstars.

Dave Lindhardt not only has a strong background in launching successful startups, but he also has a proven track record of success in growing business units within large, established businesses. Even after his personal companies’ success, Dave continues to spend time working as a corporate innovator and intrapreneur, helping companies create new products and services and increase revenue.

In his most recent venture of an intrapreneur, Dave Lindhart worked as a General Manager and Head of Product at Amazon to launch a new business venture into a multi-billion dollar market. He has also been instrumental in other major companies such as AT&T, Yesmail, and Experian. He started his career at Procter and Gamble, where he worked as an engineer in product development and gained valuable insights into how to develop products and business model design that lead to higher growth.