Many organizations are struggling with cybersecurity because they’re failing to do things properly. There are many basic security measures that companies aren’t taking and this is making things exponentially worse than they need to be. Keep reading to learn more about what organizations are failing to do for their cybersecurity. If you recognize these pitfalls that companies are falling into, then you might be able to implement changes to protect your own business. 

Failing to Teach Employees About Cybersecurity

You might be surprised just how many organizations don’t train their staff properly in regards to cybersecurity. Many companies don’t have any training programs in place to inform employees of cybersecurity threats. They either expect people to already know or they ignore the potential for cybersecurity problems. Companies need to have robust training platforms to ensure that everyone knows the best practices for staying safe online. 

Failure to Require Strong Passwords

Strong passwords go a long way toward helping companies stay safe. A strong password and complex username will be more difficult for hackers to crack into. If someone is using a very simple and easy to remember password, then this could be cracked by brute force using software in many cases. At the very least, having a strong password prevents people from easily accessing accounts, and this is why it should be required at your organization. 

Allowing Too Many People Clearance

It’s wise for organizations to keep things segmented so important data remains as safe as possible. Only people who need to have access to certain devices or cloud storage centers should be able to get in. Some organizations don’t keep things segmented enough and this creates more safety problems than are necessary. You should avoid having too many people using the same devices as well so that you can pinpoint problems faster. 

Not Using a VPN

If you’re not using a virtual private network (VPN), then you are putting your company unnecessarily at risk. Using a VPN doesn’t protect your organization from all threats, but it does provide an essential extra layer of security. It’s also wise to issue a VPN login to all of your staff members if they’re ever going to be working from home. It keeps things a lot safer and makes it less likely that you’ll have to deal with security breaches.