Dave Linhardt Tech Leaders

Tech leaders need to make sure that they’re doing their best to ask “why?” If you aren’t asking your people why things are happening or asking yourself why you’re doing certain things, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Keep reading to learn about the importance of asking “why” for tech leaders. It’ll teach you to take a step back and ask this important question every so often.

Facilitating Positive Employee Relations

Sometimes it’s important to ask the question “why” simply because you want to facilitate positive employee relations. Have you ever been told to do something at a job without being given any reasons or indication of why you might be doing a certain task? This is all too common and you want your company to be different. Explaining why an employee is being tasked with something will help to empower employees to do the best jobs they can while also making it easier for them to trust you as a leader.


Asking “why” can be seen as something that facilitates collaboration as well. When you include your team in the planning process and ask them questions about why you’re doing this and where they think things should go, it’ll be enlightening. Your team has a lot to offer you beyond just simply being people who do random tasks. If you work together, then you can build a better future for your company.

Avoiding Uncertainty

Uncertainty is something that has the potential to harm your business. If you aren’t certain whether or not you’ll be able to do something, then it’s important to ask “why.” Explain things and be sure that everyone is on the same page so that you don’t make mistakes. Taking a step back to provide an explanation is always going to be beneficial and people should never have to walk around feeling uncertain of what they’re supposed to be doing.

Building an Ideal Work Environment

You can also do your best to build an ideal work environment by working with your people. If your communication skills are top-tier, then it’s easier to get to the bottom of employee concerns. Tech leaders can create wonderful and positive work environments for people to enjoy. It’s just necessary to take a step back and ask questions about what you should be doing and why certain things need to be done.