Technology is constantly evolving these days. At the rate that we are moving, it seems like there are new developments on a daily basis. So, listening to some of the top podcasts out there can be a great way to keep pace with all the new trends.

But what are the best tech podcasts out there? Here are a few that will make for great listening and keep you informed on the latest happenings in the tech world.

Accidental Tech

All three hosts are actually developers, so they actually know their stuff. Each of their discussions gets to be quite in-depth, so you almost feel like you are getting a sneak peek at some of the best in the industry having a casual conversation.

There are detailed explanations of the latest products, as well as short running jokes between friends. If you are interested in things like the minutiae of things such as programming languages or just the latest in tech news, this is a great place to start.


This podcast focuses more on the human aspect of our digital age. If you want to know things such as integrating gadgets, like an Apple Watch, into your everyday routine, this is the podcast for you.

Whereas Accidental Tech can feel quite technical at times, Analog(ue) puts the human element into the tech aspect. They even do things such as review tweets from the previous week’s hashtag to discuss what is relevant to the listeners.


Looking for a little variety out of your tech podcast? This round-table podcast has two hosts and a pair of industry guests who focus on a wide range of conversation. Best of all, it is always under 30 minutes, and the topics are inclusive.

You could be learning about cord cutting one day, online advertising the next, and Windows 10 on the third day. They’re great, which makes you wish the show was longer, but there are so many different topics that you will keep coming back again and again to hear more.