Company culture makes the difference between a successful company and a struggling one, and there are countless articles out there offering advice on how to build one. Technology can significantly shift your company’s operations and how your customers interact with you, so it stands to reason that you should keep up with these changes in the office as well. Here are some ways to use technology to build an open, positive company culture. 

Democratize Information

In the past, workplace data was in the hands of a few key players and getting access to the data required to do your job could be a hassle. But with technology, this has ceased to be the case. We’ve seen benefits for management, hiring, and of course, communication. Transparency is key to a positive, open company culture, and allowing your employees to have all of the relevant information at their fingertips can help them feel more in the loop. 

Transparent Opportunities

Employees can also start benefiting from technology that allows them to have more personal, dynamic career paths within a company. Transparency about new positions and opportunities for growth can help employees feel like their job isn’t a dead end and boost retention of your best talent. It also allows them to connect with potential mentors to make their path as effective as possible.

Measure and Reward Employee Impact

Workplace technology has made it easier than ever before to measure how well your employees are performing and having that information can make it easier to give regular feedback to boost productivity and morale. Most traditional companies only give feedback once or twice a year during employee reviews, and studies have shown that the results of these reviews can be both demoralizing and of no use to the employees on a day-to-day level.

When you can measure your employees’ performance and give them regular feedback based on that data, you can also start rewarding employees for doing consistently good work and making an impact on the company. Recognition can be a great morale booster, and positions that lack it can quickly start to feel soul-sucking.