It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the way that people look at many things. This pandemic is causing people to think about how they’re doing things, and large companies are no exception. When it comes to big tech, you’ll find that many big changes are on the horizon. Read on to learn about how big tech is going to change in the post COVID-19 world. 

Remote Work Is Going to Become Commonplace

The pandemic has showcased the need for remote workers more than ever. It has become apparent that it is sometimes safer to have people work remotely than it has to have them congregate. The days of tech workers being crammed into tiny offices might be a thing of the past. Big tech is going to be one of the industries that will shift to a remote work strategy the fastest, and other industries will follow suit. 

In many ways, remote work is more practical than putting workers in an office environment. Technology has evolved to a point where there is no reason that certain jobs can’t be performed from home. If it’s safer to have people work remotely, then why wouldn’t companies use that option? There will be people who are hesitant to embrace the future of remote work, but it’s going to happen whether people like it or not. 

Automation and AI

Automation is something that was happening in big tech before COVID-19, but things are going to be ramped up now. The need for automation is more apparent than ever due to workers in many industries being laid off because of COVID-19. You can keep more industries going even during a pandemic if more processes are automated. Humanity has the technology to automate many things and you might see a large portion of unskilled labor jobs disappear in favor of automation very soon. 

This will be combined with the improvements in AI that are coming out of the big tech industry. AI is becoming more powerful than ever and it’s capable of handling various tasks. Machine learning AI will be able to work with automation processes to seamlessly handle many processes. The future could look very bright with humans having to do far fewer redundant tasks than ever.