Covid-19 shifted a lot of factors in the workplace, but one of the most noticeable was the switch to virtual meetings. While it was an interesting transition period, it’s safe to say that many of us have gotten used to seeing our coworkers through a screen. Research has started to reveal that switching to video meetings can boost your company’s productivity and teamwork skills, but there’s a certain standard of etiquette required to ensure that these meetings go off without a hitch. 

Be Prepared

Just like an in-person meeting, you should be adequately prepared so that the meeting is useful and engaging for both hosts and attendees. Hosts should have an agenda prepared that can be given to attendees in advance. Having an agenda can help attendees know what to expect and help the meeting stay on track, minimizing the amount of time wasted in the process.

Both attendees and hosts should ensure that their tech has been tested before the meeting begins to avoid difficulties. Ensure that noisy distractions are kept to a minimum and that your background is appropriate.

Keep a Similar Vibe

In-person meetings can feel like a completely different animal to virtual meetings, but it’s important to maintain a professional atmosphere no matter how the meeting is taking place. Ensure that you’re dressing appropriately, just as you would for an in-person meeting. Make introductions and be respectful of your host and fellow attendees – that means no multitasking or checking your social media. Mute yourself when you aren’t speaking, and make sure that you show up to the meeting on time.

Follow up

Even if your meeting was a huge success, it’s moot if no one took notes. While you should be taking notes as an attendee, you can increase your effectiveness as a host by ensuring that meeting minutes are taken and distributed to attendees after the meeting is over, just like you would for an in-person meeting. You can even record virtual meetings, ensuring that all of your plans and ideas are actually put into practice.