Dave Linhardt Ai And Ml

Artificial intelligence is starting to become more prevalent in society, and it’s only going to get better at doing things. With the rise of machine learning AI occurring as you read this, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities that are just around the corner. Take the time to read about the changing trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning below. It should give you an idea of what is coming in regards to this exciting technology.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics is a type of data analytics that is taken to the next level. Essentially, machine learning AI is going to be able to go through the data for you to get to the relevant information that you need. This tech has the potential to save companies a lot of money over time. It’s going to be a big deal moving forward and is certainly worth paying attention to.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing makes things so much more accessible for people who aren’t tech wizards. Essentially, this tech allows people to build queries very easily without having to know a lot of other stuff. It is thought that more than 50% of the analytical queries in the future will come through natural language processing. It’s something that will change the way that people go about doing things.


Chatbots are always ubiquitous, but they’re going to get even better and more sophisticated soon. Machine learning will make it easier for chatbots to perform more complex customer service interactions. Modern chatbots are already very helpful, but they’re going to be getting a huge upgrade in the next several years. Be ready for chatbots to be taken to the next level and for customer service to be transformed.

AI Security

Cybersecurity concerns are very real, and many companies see these threats as the biggest issues that they face in modern times. Powerful AI is going to be able to help protect companies from cyberthreats in various ways. In some cases, machine learning AI will be able to predict attacks before they happen. The AI will be able to respond to threats in the most appropriate ways as well, and this should lead to enhanced security for companies around the world.