Getting some kind of technology seems like one of the safest plays you could make these days. But where can it take you? With such a generalized interest, you may not be sure of what to do or where to go.

There are more than a few careers within the technology field that can provide a beneficial path. Here are a few of the hottest tech jobs available.

Data Scientist

With an average salary of nearly $120,000, it is being called one of the sexist jobs out there. Individuals who can evaluate data and help their company make proper business decisions can go a long way. The problem is that there are few qualified candidates out there.

That is because becoming a data scientist requires a Ph.D. in statistics/mathematics, engineering, or computer science.

Software Developer

There are hundreds of thousands of new software developer jobs available, one of the largest in the technology field. With more mobile apps and products that are technology driven, there is a growing need.

A bachelor’s in software engineering, computer science, or mathematics is generally required. Software developers design apps while systems software developers design things like interfaces and operating systems.

Information Security Analyst

Records and data are breached on a daily basis. It is one of the largest concerns facing any business or industry. For that reason, information security analysts are needed to combat those breaches and provide security to organizations everywhere.

With a bachelor’s in programming or computer science, there is access to great job growth. With a strong median annual wage, it is one of the fastest growing jobs in the technology field with good reason.

Computer Systems Analyst

These are the people that are not only designing, but installing new computer systems. IT consulting firms are generally the ones hiring computer systems analysts as well, with growth in mobile technology, cloud computing, and healthcare records.

With a bachelor’s in a computer-related field, candidates can be more than qualified to work in any one of the aforementioned fields.